Source code for felupe.mechanics._pointload

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
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import numpy as np
from scipy.sparse import csr_matrix

from ._helpers import Assemble, Results

[docs]class PointLoad: "A point load with methods for the assembly of sparse vectors/matrices." def __init__(self, field, points, values=None, apply_on=0, axisymmetric=False): self.field = field self.points = points if values is None: self.values = 0 else: self.values = values self.apply_on = apply_on self.axisymmetric = axisymmetric self.results = Results() self.assemble = Assemble(vector=self._vector, matrix=self._matrix)
[docs] def update(self, values): self.__init__(self.field, self.points, values, self.apply_on, self.axisymmetric)
def _vector(self, field=None, parallel=False): if field is not None: self.field = field force = [np.zeros_like(f.values) for f in self.field.fields] force[self.apply_on][self.points] += self.values if self.axisymmetric: mesh_points = self.field[0].region.mesh.points radius = mesh_points[self.points, 1].reshape(-1, 1) force[self.apply_on][self.points] *= 2 * np.pi * radius self.results.force = csr_matrix( np.concatenate([f.ravel() for f in force]).reshape(-1, 1) ) return -self.results.force def _matrix(self, field=None, parallel=False): if field is not None: self.field = field n = np.sum(self.field.fieldsizes) self.results.stiffness = csr_matrix(([0], ([0], [0])), shape=(n, n)) return self.results.stiffness